Meet Jean and Tom

Jean understands health. As a nurse and executive responsible for a large team of health care professionals she has to. Yet, her personal story is touching and poignant in the way her journey personifies the struggles and roadblocks faced by many people in the heath care system as they strive for wellness in their own lives and the lives of their patients.  

Jean also describes a breakthrough that she had during one of the bonus sessions, The Emotional Belly with Anne Berube, and how she believes a simple shift in perspective will change the way she approaches her own health empowerment. 

It was wonderful to get to know her and her husband Tom (not pictured as he was very skilled at avoiding our cameras). Like many couples, families and friends on the Wheat Belly Cruise they were there to support each other and deepen their understanding of the material in a way that would make real and lasting change in their lives.